Beclouding Identity

Beclouding Identity

About the collection: The battle between the ego and soul is one that is on the increase this century. It may have been suppressed before but due to the fast growing technology in this period, it becomes easy for people to express themselves to a wider audience and this however breeds a “false self”, an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others. The person you want the world to know, all this greed for attention and popularity however silences the true self, THE SOUL. Visualizing this philosophy into a real concept, I drew inspiration from the other forms of art. Art is an expression but sometimes its abstract. We have to look deep into it or be very attentive to derive the meaning and later enjoy the fun. Mime artists, ventriloquist and performer artists acted as an inspiration during the early stages of my research. I watched a documentary of Marina Abramovic’s journey up to the exhibition “The Artist is Present” and it gave me a clearer picture of performance art. “Trompe l’oeil (deceive the eye)”,which is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions was also an inspiration.

 The broader part of the research for part of my collection was now concentrating on an art that is as if exposing a malfunction of the visual system, an optical illusion. Taking me back to my interpretation of the theme of how people in the 21st century are being challenged with the their ego as a way to find their Identity. 

As Jean Jacques Rousseau once termed it as “Amour Propre” being the concept in his philosophy that esteem depends upon the opinion of others, which he again contrasts it with “Amour de Soi” which does not involve seeing oneself as others see one. To my understanding all this goes back to the challenge in term and that’s consciousness of ones IDENTITY.

The journey: sketching, pattern making, sewing and fittings

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The realised looks:


Pre-show photo shoot:

Model: Chloe Kerr

Photography director: Bella Lo

Location:  Bibliothèque nationale de France


In short: To create a totally exuberant collection, I took the shape of the human body and redefined it on some of the garments with a nude colour as a way of creating an iconic mental representation of the human skin, thus a form of trompe l’oeil. The asymmetry in the collection is merely an interpretation of the attitude of the people in 21st century where there is mixed emotions of the true and false self, hence a contrast between the in-balanced sharp cuts and the curved seams in some of the garments. However, the different choice of fabrics and colours on one garment is inspired by a generation of people confusing what they want with what they need. A patchwork of ideas, fantasies and reality, bringing me back to core interpretation of the theme.

It is enthralling but at the same time showing a degree of inventiveness. “BECLOUDING IDENTITY“ therefore is a very personal collection blurring the way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted.

On 29th June, 2015, I showcased my first ever fashion collection at Maison des métallos in Paris.

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