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Story: LeStylists

Creative Director Sheila Lukwanzi only launched her Lukwanzi label in May 2016 after returning home from living in Paris and studying fashion at IFA Paris. To introduce her Kampala Fashion Week 2016 collection, she answered some questions we had for her;



“Homecoming because it is my 1st collection to show at home since I returned in 2015. I mainly used the colour black because of where I come from – the ebony continent. It consists of weaved black satin ropes as details on some of the garments because I wanted to incorporate a technique that is used a lot in Africa up to date which is weaving.”

“Living abroad and studying fashion was a great experience. Above everything it has taught me professionalism and I attained first class skills in the industry. When the KFW team asked me if I could showcase in July, accepting meant I’d have to manage my time well and meet all the deadlines from fittings to showtime – and I did.”

My signature style is asymmetric cuts for the trendy, artistic person with an urban lifestyle that desires to exude modesty and elegance. Hopefully, I’ll have my pieces in shops by next year.